Sunday, January 31, 2010


On few week ago, i join the MalaysiaB2C.
I took this part time job because the pay is attractive but no basic salary.
All is depend on your work performance.
Below are the information about the MalaysiaB2c.


We're inviting all businesses to join us as Merchants. Expose your business to prospective members and expand your network among like minded entrepreneurs. With MalaysiaB2C, you get value added benefits from establishing your business profile and discovering more channels of opportunities. Membership with us is easy and the rewards are endless.


Premier Pro

Simple Online Registration

Merchant Catalog

Secure Online Ordering/Buying

Secure Payment Gateway

Site Traffic/Statistics

Merchant Support

Merchants Corner

Loan Application for Gov Staff

Featured Web Banner

30 days

Featured- Front Page

Featured -Category

Premium Listing (Search results)

Number of Unique Items/ products to Sell


Post Product Image


Post Link to Own Site

Postlogo/banner(Merchant’s own page)

AutoCross Selling/Display
Related Products

Posting Discount (Promotion)

Listing in Store Section

Special Store icon to enhance
listing & credibility

Mass Auto re-list

Store Templates


Store Name in Front Page

Display Format up Uploaded
Product Picture

Multiple Store at Discounted

Thumbnail Listing

Fees/ 2 Years

RM 980

Networking With Top Affiliates & Associates

By signing up Tie-Ups with Strategic Affiliates & Associates, MEPP Solution Sdn Bhd ensures its E-Mall Website and Discount Card Services are among the most attractive in the market.

It has linked up with B2C Malaysia Sdn Bhd to manage the E-Mall, and MB2C Discount Card to ensure the MB2C Cardholders and Members constantly enjoy special discounts, irresistible promotions as well as innovative privileges.

It is also
the SOLE AGENT for the Co-operative Consumer Loan Project by one of the top local Cooperatives, called the "Micro Easy Payment Programme" (MEPP). It has also secured over 3,800 new Business Merchant Partners and Retail Companies to actively promote co-operative personal financing to all government servants and related Government Linked Companies (GLCs).

Far-Sighted Plans to Go Global

MEPP Solution Sdn Bhd & its other associates or affiliated companies aims to go international in the near future. Thereby opening unlimited profits awaiting you regionally and globally. So, link up with MEPP Solution Sdn Bhd now and tap the opportunities and services that are being offered to you, now and in the future via its E-Mall. Rest assured, it's a Win-Win Venture that has more to offer to you, in the immediate short term and long run. So, take advantage, today!

MB2C Logo and Trade Mark Development

The solid font types of "M" are the centerpiece of the logo which symbolizes's commitment to provide a trustworthy platform and holistic perspective for trade between the Merchants and the Consumers.

A solid font type 'B' and 'C' is uses in Green with a stylized '2' with arrow heads in both ends in Red.

The stylized '2' in red - the logo's centerpiece - reflects the continuous and perennial relationship between merchants and consumers. This is aptly depicted by the movement of the arc which begins from the right to the left and vice versa.

The solid font types of 'B' and 'C' evoke the fundamentals and stability of the site, providing a business platform that is trustworthy and strong. This refreshing logo captures a balance of solid fundamentals with the spirit of dynamism and enterprise with a drive that benefits three parties in business partnership among, the merchants as well as the consumers.

Our B2C Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Company Registration No. 865840-D), the Company Logo has obtained? Trade Mark? approval for registration under Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia) and? TM? wording is allowed when we publish our Company Logo in any advertisement.

WHY Chosen MEPP?

MEPP Solutions Sdn Bhd is one of the fastest growing Personal Financiers around today. It offers Fast, Hassle-free Financing for Easier Payments to settle loans & debts, financing business ventures, upgrading homes and lifestyles and paying for E-Mall purchases, via its Micro Easy Payment Programme (MEPP)!

Award Winning Professionalism & Expertise

MEPP Solutions Sdn Bhd is headed by 2 Award-Winning Financial Wizards (who were awarded the title of
ASIA PACIFIC'S TOP EMERGING ENTREPRENEURS by THE GLOBAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE) and backed by a team of Registered, Fully Legal Experts! It has strategically developed a breakthrough WIN-WIN Concept that offers unique advantages to end-users, personally and directly or via its Business Partners.

Their expertise, business acumen and strategic insights are passed on to its growing network of professionals with more than 380 Marketing & Promotion Team Members involved in personal financing, headed by 3 Senior Managers. Each of its 6 Branches and Outlets is led by a Branch Manager who is an experienced Personal Financing Consultant.

We're aggressively but selectively recruiting suitable Marketing Personnel and providing them with Professional Training and effective Promotional & Sales Tools to promote the Website, E-Mall & Discount Card.

These privileges will act as a READY MAGNET to draw more customers to patronize and thereby your product and business will get optimum exposure!

In Ipoh, there is one restaurant joined. This is new is Perak, Ipoh. But it is very popular in Kuala Lumpur.

This year is 2010. All business should advertise online.
Any of the people interested in advertising online do let me know.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling being a Tuition Teacher in a Kindergarden

Sorry to all my blog follower, i have not been updating my blog almost for a month...
Actually in the month of January, many things happened and i wish to blog it up but 力不从心 and my computer very lack...
But today i take the time to blog it up cause today is my final day as a Kindergarden tuition teacher.
i started as this Kindergarden teacher on 11 of January 2010 and ended this career path in 29 January 2010.
For this job, i need to wake up 7.00am in the morning from Monday to Friday and i am dismiss about 12pm to 1pm. (Actually my dismissal time is 12pm)
i teach standard 1, 2 and 3.
At first, they didn't bring much problem to me.
But this few day, they brought many problems to me....
They started by not listening to what i'm teach and make noise when i'm teaching.
haiz.... (Maybe that is the character of children when u are too close with them...)
The most headache is the Sam Tet student who is in Standard 3 this year.
He jz come to the do homework that given be the school...
Sometime the homework and less and sometime is many....
If less, i feeling is my blessed day. (cause i can dismiss at 12pm)
If many, i feeling is my worst day. (cause i need to dismiss at 1pm)
This boy is clever but very lazy and naughty.
Although u give the answers for the questions, he don't write if he felt not write it.
The worst part is i as a teacher need to help him to do his homework....
not only me, but his father need to help him to do it if he cannot finish when his parent came to fetch him to school.
This nightmare ended....
i really miss all the students that i taught and some other little children that not taught by me...
Cause i'm going to IMU to study Chiropractic.
Now Gavin Loo is the teacher that will replace me....
Hope he will have the strength do continue this job until July....
All the best to you, Gavin Loo....
One more thing, for my friends who interested in this job too, there will be a vacancy on March (after Chinese New Year). Do contact Gavin Loo for further information...

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today is the first day of the new year 2010.
in the morning, i went out and had breakfast with my parent....
then sent my mother to hospital to take care of my grandmother who admitted to hospital 30 December 2009...
after that, me and my dad go to parade....
i seldom go out with my dad...
then i went and buy a shoe that i hope to get one sinc
e last year...
is Converse.....

after that we went to The Store to buy my pants....
i bought 3 pants....
one from Botton and two from BTB...