Thursday, April 11, 2013

Almost break my own record

The past Wednesday was a cal test in the morning.
In the evening the result is out.
First time in my life i got 0 mark for my test.
I was abit upset la..
The module coordinator is my favourite lecturer/clinician.
Failing her module is a concerning matter and getting 0 mark make me no face to face her liao...
I try to avoide going to clinic since i know my result until today...
The Cal test consist of ONLY 10 multiple choice questions.
This means each question carry 10 marks.
Today there are some changes and my mark changes from 0 to 10 marks.
this means i correct one question. =)
Is hard for the lecturer to make quality question cause 10 questions from 13 set of notes.
But the question really got quality....
Hope i dun break my lifetime record of getting 0 mark.

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